Vote for STS Delma Girls and support their Cyber C3 projects

All is welcome to support STS Delma Girls by voting for them and encourage your friends and family to vote as well. Voting procedure is very simple and as below: How to Vote: 1)     Saturday the voting page will be active 2)     Browse between the current projects located into three pages, (if you like.. read more →

STS Opens New School in Umm Al Quwain

STS Opens New School in Umm Al Quwain read more →

STS Opens New School in the Western Region

STS Opens New School in the Western Region read more →

Award for Creativity and Educational Excellence to Saif Ibrahim Al Bagham from STS-RAK

The student Saif Ibrahim Al Bagham from STS-RAK  was recognized yesterday by Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi, H.E Humaid Al Qatami and Ms. Sumaia Hareb in RAK- Award for Creativity and Educational Excellence. Congratulation for this achievement and wish you more success in the future. read more →

STS to Initiate New Pathway “Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality” by Sep 2014

Inspired by the UAE winning  Expo 2020, a new pathway  called “Travel, Tourism and Hospitality” will be offered in STS schools from September 2014. This significant pathway will be industry driven and will  develop a range of training courses to meet national and international standards.  In addition,  this pathway will meet the desired outcomes from.. read more →

Secondary Technical School & Abu Dhabi Polytechnic Recognised by Barclays

Secondary Technical School and Abu Dhabi Polytechnic was recognised by Barclays for their on-going commitment to community development, education and extracurricular initiatives in the UAE. During the recognition ceremony hosted at the premises of Abu Dhabi Polytechnic, Barclays showcased the Barclays Premier League trophy where over 600 students were provided the opportunity to participate in.. read more →

الكأس في الطريق إلينا

الكأس في الطريق إلينا بإذن الله read more →

Heritage Life

بناء على توجيهات قيادتنا الرشيدة على ترسيخ المهرجانات التراثية والثقافية كرسالة للأجيال الحاضرة والمقبلة مفادها صون العريق والمحافظة على عاداتنا وتقاليدنا الأصيلة التي تعد إحدى أهم مقومات الحفاظ على هويتنا الوطنية ورصيدنا الحضاري والإنساني، سينعقد مخيم التراث للحياة ضمن مهرجان الظفرة في مدينة زايد الغربية حيث يعد المهرجان الحدث العالمي الأبرز الذي يشمل عدد من.. read more → Ask4Android