14 Jun 2012

Grade 10 CoolTool Chess Pawn Project

As part of the curriculum of STS in the engineering subject “COOL TOOL LAB”, the students of STS-AUH planned to create project on CHESS PAWN. The students followed the sequence of processes based on the following steps:

  • Preparing the design drawing and CNC program
  • Encoding of the CNC program into the computer
  • Measuring of wood to be used in the CNC COOL TOOL machine based on drawing dimension
  • Cutting of wood
  • Setting-up workpiece on the CNC COOL TOOL machine
  • Starting or Running the program on the computer
  • Waiting and observing the CNC COOL TOOL Machine while cutting the wood
  • Measuring the finished workpiece
  • Chess board assembly with CHESS PAWN

Students were very proud of what they have accomplished.

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