17 Oct 2012

First Parents Evening At STS Ajman

On Wednesday, 17, October, 2012 STS Ajman hosted its first Parent night of the 2012-2013 school year. The event was a great success; parents for both boys and girls came out in great numbers. STS Ajman has a current total enrollment of 406 students and 80% of our parents attended the separate informational sessions held for the boys and girls.

The Principal, Mr. Andrew Keith Hegarty, welcomed the parents and assured them that their children were receiving a first class education to prepare them for the workplace or study at the university level. Mr. Keith appealed to the parents to continue to support their child’s education by encouraging them to do their very best each and every day. The Vice Principals for academics then spoke to the students and parents stressing the importance of the I Pads as a learning tool and the importance of being responsible. The Counselors and the SSSSC then spoke about the importance of attending school daily and the uniform policy. The Director of Om Al Quam educational zone, also a parent, gave a brief talk to express his gratitude for a job well done.

Parents were then directed to the informational sessions being offered for the evening. All teachers and staff participated in this part of the program. Parents were able to see technology in action as each presentation utilized the equipment that is in use daily at STS Ajman. The sessions included information on the uses of the I Pad in each area of the curriculum and a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the important points in the AUP document.

At the end of the evening, Mr. Keith and the V.P.’s. thanked everyone for coming out and received positive responses from the parents.

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