18 Dec 2012

Emirati Student Invents Firefighter Robot That Automatically Works Via Bluetooth

An Emirati student, Omar Abdelrahman AlTunaiji (16 years). has totally independently, invented a robot. Its core mission is to contribute to fighting the fire in dangerous conditions and in places prone to fire at any time, without putting the lives of firefighters at risk of injury or death.

The firefighter robot works, according to AlTunaiji, via Bluetooth and wireless connection, explaining that the robot can be controlled remotely.

He added that giving him the form of a robot made it more efficient in the performance of the task with the introduction of radical changes. These included reinforcing it with three wheels instead of two, a large crane, a firefighting tower (that moves 360 degrees in all directions), water pumps, pipes, and a small winch that can use it to break his way. Omar said the idea started when he saw robots used by armies for photo shooting, or to discover the location of mines, so that not to endanger their soldiers. He further explained that he had programmed his invention so that the method used is the same method used in video games that anyone can handle.

Omar is studying in the eleventh grade in the Secondary Technical School (STS). Here he enjoys a non-traditional technical education, more than the regular secondary school approach, to study mechanics, aerospace engineering and electrical installations. These are all provided by the technical school and he is now able to refine his hobby in robots that he has had since childhood. He has also enjoyed the support of his family, and the equipment that he may require, such as wires, screws, metals, circuit breakers and others were all provided.

AlTunaiji added that he fully designed the robot, in addition to programming his own «Software», designing the entire system and the assembling the external body.

He explained that he has already started working on his next inventing project! It is a robot whose mission is to transfer extinguishing materials, whether it was water or anything else, to the firefighter robot. This is so that he does not stop because of running out of the extinguishing materials, and only after the completion of his mission.

He said he will make the robots a project for his graduation to enroll at a university that will help him develop his skills, stressing that the school provided him with a potential to help accomplish this project. Teachers also supervised regarding his and his classmates’ ‘safety’. He explained that he will work on delivering his invention to the police authorities in the country, especially the civil defense, to take advantage of the idea, and put it into practice. He thinks they will like this as the firefighter robot is financially inexpensive, because the metal sheets used and the water pumps are simple, and the cost is limited to the «hydraulic» pieces that will be used.

He said that any invention will have no value if it did not serve the community, adding that he would submit to get a patent in the coming period.

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