23 Oct 2012

STS Students Presenting The Aviation Project in Al Najah Exhibition 2012

Aircraft Structure – An introduction to major airplane components.

A brief introduction to the airplane and its major components.

Major components:
Although airplanes are designed for a variety of purposes, most of them have the same major components.


The fuselage includes the cabin and/or cockpit, which contains seats for the occupants and the controls for the airplane.


are airfoils attached to each side of the fuselage and are the main lifting surfaces that support the airplane in flight.


The empennage includes the entire tail group, consisting of fixed surfaces such as the vertical stabilizer and the horizontal stabilizer.

Landing gear:

The principle support of the airplane when parked, taxiing, taking off, or when landing.

The powerplant:

The powerplant usually includes both the engine and the propeller.

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