National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC) to sponsor 30 UAE Nationals from Abu Dhabi Vocational Education and Training Institute ADVETI

NPCC recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Abu Dhabi Vocational Education and Training Institute (ADVETI) to sponsor UAE National students during their studies and provide employment opportunities with NPCC upon graduation. The MOU was signed by H.E. Hussain J. Al Nowais, Chairman of NPCC and H.E. Hussain Al Hammadi, Director General of The.. read more →

Dubai Media – Emirates News Reports About eLearning @ STS

Sources: Emirates News on Dubai TV, Noor Dubai TV and Sama Dubai TV read more →

Orthographic Views in Technical Drawing Course

After having learnt the orthographic views in Technical Drawing Course, our students were able to sketch the views of a football ground and then make the model of the same. This project created a lot of interest among the students, and in the event of doing this, they learnt the skills of engineering drawing. read more →

27 Jan 2013
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Congratulations To Our Student Falah Al Katheeri

Congratulations STS Student Falah Al Katheeri for winning the design color scheme competition for Cessna 172 aircraft. The competition was instigated last year when the light aircraft was purchased for our aviation maintenance training and it was open to grade 11 boys currently undergoing aviation maintenance training at AUH Boys, Al Ain Boys, Fujairah Boys.. read more →

20 Jan 2013
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STS Student On Dubai TV – Special Coverage About His Firefighter Robot Invention

Sources: Emirates News on Dubai TV, Noor Dubai TV and Sama Dubai TV Omar Abdel Rahman AlTunaiji (16 years) Omar is studying in the eleventh grade in the Secondary Technical School (STS). Here he enjoys a non-traditional technical education, more than the regular secondary school approach, to study mechanics, aerospace engineering and electrical installations. These.. read more →

Emirati Student Invents Firefighter Robot That Automatically Works Via Bluetooth

An Emirati student, Omar Abdelrahman AlTunaiji (16 years). has totally independently, invented a robot. Its core mission is to contribute to fighting the fire in dangerous conditions and in places prone to fire at any time, without putting the lives of firefighters at risk of injury or death. The firefighter robot works, according to AlTunaiji,.. read more →

AMMROC To Sponsor STS Students With Jobs After Graduation

Saeed and 10 of his colleagues have received congratulation letters from AMMROC to sponsor them even after graduation. They will be offered jobs after graduation. read more →

STS Abu Dhabi (Boys) Held The First Parents’ Evening

On Monday 5th November, STS Abu Dhabi (Boys) held the first parents’ evening of the new academic year. The attendance of parents and students was excellent. The teachers enjoyed the opportunity to meet parents and give feedback of the positive activity occurring. Parents were encouraged to keep in regular contact with teachers via email and.. read more →

STS Students Presenting The Aviation Project in Al Najah Exhibition 2012

Aircraft Structure – An introduction to major airplane components. A brief introduction to the airplane and its major components. Major components: Although airplanes are designed for a variety of purposes, most of them have the same major components. Fuselage: The fuselage includes the cabin and/or cockpit, which contains seats for the occupants and the controls.. read more →

23 Oct 2012
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First Parents Evening At STS Ajman

On Wednesday, 17, October, 2012 STS Ajman hosted its first Parent night of the 2012-2013 school year. The event was a great success; parents for both boys and girls came out in great numbers. STS Ajman has a current total enrollment of 406 students and 80% of our parents attended the separate informational sessions held.. read more → Ask4Android