Student’s Life


With a sincere eye toward our great religion, technical high schools have made mosques and ablution areas available, where students can worship without interruption. Students also have a variety of religious books available to them.


Secondary Technical School ‘s clinic is open and a General Practitioner is always available during the school day to attend to any emergencies. The clinic has the initial treatment and medication that is needed for minor and mild cases. Moreover, there is a well- equipped ambulance that is available to attend to any emergencies that require immediate transferring to hospital.


Technical high schools offer transportation to and from the schools using a high-class means of travel (e.g. air-conditioned buses), which adhere to the sustainable environmental conditions of the UAE transportation plan.


Technical high schools offer a wide variety of athletic clubs with modern equipment, an arena for all sports (volleyball, basketball and handball), an Olympic-size swimming pool that can accommodate international competitions, an outdoor football field in line with international standards, and an elite team of trainers.


Secondary Technical School’s Cafeteria is a high standard cafeteria that serves students during Breakfast Break when a variety of freshly backed foods are served. Students can enjoy a hot meal during Lunch Break as well. Traditional foods along with selected healthy dishes are offered to give the right diet to students that help them to continue their study till they arrive home and enjoy the family dinner. The STS offers a nutritionally balanced menu. It is available for both students and staff for minimal charges. Ask4Android