Preliminary English Test (PET)

Level B1: An intermediate-level exam for everyday written and spoken English for travel, work or study. Passing PET shows you can use everyday written and spoken English at an intermediate level.

What will PET do for you?

  • PET is accepted by many employers as proof of ability to use English for administrative and secretarial jobs. It is also widely accepted for use for work where spoken English is necessary, such as tourism, retail, construction, manufacturing and engineering.
  • Many universities and government departments officially recognise PET as an intermediate qualification in English. You can find a list of organisations and universities that recognise PET at:
  • PET uses real-life situations and is designed to help you communicate more effectively.
  • Because PET focuses on all four skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking – you find out your strengths and weaknesses in using English.
  • Passing PET gives you the confidence to move on to higher qualifications such as the First Certificate in English (FCE).

PET Fact Sheet October 2010

Business English Certificate (BEC)

English is a key skill for a successful career. If you are applying for a job or hoping to get a promotion, most employers, especially international employers, will ask you to demonstrate your English language skills. You can do this by taking the prestigious Cambridge ESOL Business English Certificates (BEC).

BEC is an internationally recognised qualification in English for the workplace. It is trusted by employers and universities in more than 60 countries. It is taken by students and young professionals around the world to improve their job prospects or study business courses overseas.

Employers recognise that those employees who have a BEC qualification have the right skills and the confidence to operate effectively in international business situations. The BEC exam is based on real situations and those who take the course know they can have the confidence to use their business language skills.

Cambridge ESOL is a department of the University of Cambridge and is the world’s leading provider of international English language qualifications for all learners of English.

Why BEC?

  • BEC is a globally recognised qualification.
  • A BEC certificate will improve your job prospects and add value to your CV.
  • BEC gives you the opportunity to learn practical workplace English skills.
  • Preparing for BEC improves your confidence in using business English, particularly in speaking.
  • The different levels of BEC give achievable goals and structure to your language learning.
  • Many universities recognise BEC for business courses.
  • BEC is available on computer or as a paper and pen test.

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