Director’s Message

Welcome to the Secondary Technical Schools (STS) system wide. We are excited to offer you the opportunity to complete an alternative education programme taught by our staff. We aim to provide you with high quality learning opportunities during this important phase of your life and we believe that each student has the ability to achieve his/her goals through the supportive environment present at the STS.

Your programme will take the innovative approach of combining face-to-face teaching alongside industry-based projects which will be supervised by staff from the STS. This will help you to identify your own personal strengths, develop teamwork and personal skills and the ability to apply these to real-world situations. For every generation, the future is an exciting challenge; we embrace it with confidence in the enormous potential of education and innovation.
I invite you to join with us in creating an extraordinary future. I am sure that you will find this to be an exciting and rewarding time which will have a significant impact on the achievement of your future goals.

The Director
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