The mission of the STS schools system is to empower UAE youth with the competencies needed for employability and lifelong learning.

In keeping with this mission, the STS curriculum is based on the following principles:

  • a curriculum that prepares students for the world of work while at the same time satisfying the Ministry of Education’s school leaving requirements,
  • a focus on English language development, the use of technology and mathematics and science so as to equip students for success in the modern world,
  • a range of vocational subjects that make up three broad “clusters” of Engineering, Business and Aviation (to be introduced from 2012/13) and a number of “specialisations” within those clusters,
  • a “hands on” approach to teaching and learning that emphasises the application of knowledge and the development of skills,
  • the promotion of important core values of professionalism, excellence and integrity,
  • articulation into ADVETI’s post secondary Institutes of Science and Technology.

Graduate Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the STS program will achieve the following graduate outcomes:

  • UAE Ministry of Education Grade 12 Secondary Technical School Certificate,
  • An internationally recognised vocational qualification such as the TAFE Certificate III from Australia,
  • The globally recognised “Internet and Computing Core Certification” or IC3,
  • A certified International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of at least 4.5 (Academic).
  • IGCSE Mathematics.
  • IGCSE Physics.
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