SAPET Program Activity

The SAPET program provides an integrated approach for using Saturdays as a method of offering academic and non academic programs for our students as well as opportunities for providing athletic and sports activities to students and staff.

Goal and Objectives

The aim of SAPET program is to give STS an opportunity to offer the necessary support to the students in academic and non-academic matters, as well as offer the opportunity for both students and staff to ownership and creativity in STS initiatives and programs. The objectives of SAPET program include:

  • Offering sports or athletic activities and tournaments in football, table tennis, basket ball, field hockey, etc.
  • Establishing and activating students clubs such as: Young Engineers, Photography, Science and Mathematics club, Arabic and Islamic club, English club,etc.
  • Offering academic opportunities such as remedial support and/or extended learning, as well as providing the students with instructional support for their projects.
  • Offering an efficient alternative to student behavioral warnings or dismissals. The Saturday program may be used as a “consequence” day for students, who have violated STS’s behavior code. In cases, where the student is issued a temporary dismissal, the schools would replace the dismissal with a Saturday assignment.
  • Strengthening ties among STS family members of both students and staff.
  • Marketing for STS schools during student recruitment.

SAPET Procedures

The SAPET program is established and carried out using the following guiding procedures:

  • The Saturday program time shall be from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  • Students would register for academic and non-academic programs in order to maintain a reasonable number of students participating in the non-academic programs.
  • Students shall receive a registration form identifying all Saturday academic and non-academic programs. Attached to the registration form will be a brief description of the clubs, activities, sports events, as well as information regarding remedial support programs, enrichment and project assistance programs. Students will fill out the registration form and submit to their Counselor. A schedule will be generated for each student.
  • Students participating in SAPET program provide their own transportation. For a limited number of activities, transportation can be offered by the campus. In such cases, transportation shall operate on the basis of establishing pick up points to reduce transportation cost.
  • Staffing for clubs, sport and athletic activities shall be from STS staff while allowing organizational-community volunteers.
  • Staffing for academic programs shall be limited to STS instructional staff. A departmental rotation schedule shall be created to provide the required instructional support.
  • Staffing for Al Bayareq, PE remedial classes and BMI monitoring program shall be from Al Shaheen, STS PE staff as well as the schools nurse.
  • The size of instructional staff varies among campuses, as well as within each department of the campus. Therefore, staff SAPET assignment shall be scheduled for academic and non-academic activities while maintaining balance for each staff member.

Each campus has the opportunity to be creative in developing their SAPET program activities. Ask4Android